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The Effects of Microwave Cooking on your Food

While the use of the microwave does seem to be convenient in quickly heating up food, it usually isn’t the best way to go. Your food tends to get “nuked” when you put it in the microwave. That includes the following: burgers, pizza, sausages, hotdogs, pastas, vegetables, and so forth. There are many effects associated […]

Teavana drink reviews three Kingdoms Mao Feng Organic Green Tea

I am normally a very big fan of green teas. Although this one had all of the hype that I expect with a Teavana green tea, there is probably a reason that I have never seen it. Or during any tastings at Teavana store locations. It definitely didn’t quite live up to my expectations no […]

The Slow Food Movement Explained

Slow Food: The answer to a fast life Contrary to what the name implies, the Slow Food Movement is not wholly about eating snails and turtles, nor is it about having lousy service at a restaurant. Instead, it is an anti-fast food movement, a grassroots international campaign to slow down and preserve the pleasure of […]

The Difference between White and Brown Eggs

The difference between white and brown eggs… *Watch for black snakes in a hen house: When I was but a youngster, Mother often sent me to the hen house to collect the eggs, I knew one thing for sure anyone who enters a hen house had better watch out for black snakes because they love […]

The Negative Effect of Soft Drink Consumption on our Health

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) calls soft drinks “liquid candy.” In a recent press release, the CSPI notes that while adults are turning to diet soda, teenagers are drinking more high-calorie ft drinks than ever. Teenage boys are drinking an average of three 12-ounce cans per day, and girls drink more […]

Teavana Golden Jade green tea blend drink review

Golden Jade is a blend of green and black teas. They are naturally low in caffeine and help to boost the immune system as well as the digestive system. My fiance and I typically drink a lot of green tea but normally not all that much black tea, so this was a little bit of […]


Tennent’s Lager is one of the best selling lagers in Scotland, available in cans, bottles and on pump.  It is also available in other parts of UK and in USA.  This lager is produced by Wellpark Brewery, which is situated in Glasgow, Scotland.  The brewery was founded in 1740, back then it was known as […]

Teas Effect on Human Society

The story of tea began in China 2737 BC when, according to legend, the emperor Shen Nung was sitting under a Camellia sinensis tree and leaves from the tree fell into boiling water he was about to drink. Over the centuries, important social occasions have developed around drinking tea. In China and Japan tea ceremonies […]

The Importance of Beer in British Society

Imagine a bar one thousand feet long! Try to picture an army of six hundred beer pumps standing to attention, their polished wooden handles topped with a crown of polished brass. Erect, proud, awaiting your order! Each of them proudly wearing its badge of honour, the pump clip A bold and colourful emblem which draws […]

Teavana Superfruit Unity loose leaf green tea drink review

I really don’t know what a sea buckthorn berry is. However, somehow when mixed with cranberries it creates a relatively easy to consume tea that smells wonderful. It has quite a lot of health benefits as well. My fiance and I drink this both hot and cold but I prefer cold and she prefers that […]