Barbeque Sauce Pork

Gravy Master is the secret ingredient for many types of meat. It can be rubbed on a roast that you are putting in the oven, or used as a base in a crock pot. The same is true with turkey gravy. When mixed together, a delicious gravy can be made, with milk in flour, or a type of “au jus” moist base can be added to your meat, keeping the meat itself, moist.

With pork tenderloin, put this combination with marjoram in a crock pot. Marjoram’s use is really created, so it seems for pork. Many people think that bay leaves are only used in a pot of gravy, “red sauce” as a call it, not to be confused with brown gravy. A bay leaf in a crock pot, while cooking pork, adds the perfect spice. Pour a can of pineapple chunks with all the juice into the same pot, and you will have the most flavorful port that you ever tasted.

Perhaps you will enjoy a barbecued flavor while making port tenderloin. Create your own barbeque sauce, using ketchup, water, nutmeg, and vinegar. The recipe calls for celery powder; I have never used it or missed it, quite honestly. Decide if you want a “bite” to your barbeque sauce, and then use red vinegar. If you would just enjoy the flavor of barbeque sauce without a tanginess to your taste buds, use white vinegar. The ketchup is sweet enough to balance out the bitterness of even white vinegar, so no extra sugar in your sauce is needed. Nutmeg is the perfect ingredient to be added to the ketchup, water, and vinegar. This can be used on port tenderloin, a roast, as well as on top of pork chops, whether made in the oven, after browning, or cooked in a crock pot. The beauty of this sauce, is that leftover sauce can be frozen. Unlike bottled barbeque sauces, this homemade concoction can be poured over the mashed potatoes that you are serving with the pork. Cold applesauce eaten, with this dinner, whether sweetened or unsweetened, makes a perfect blend to those that savour the flavors of pork and the sauce that does not cover up the meet, but enhances it.

Pork tenderloin, some think, does not have flavor, unelss it is seasoned. I do not agree with this, for the “other white meat” has so much more flavor, than veal, for example. Pork can be mixed with ingredients to make a sweet and sour dish, or an entirely different meal. It can be cooked like a roast beef, and at times, can taste similar, depending on the sauce that you use, or seasoned lightly so that the meat’s flavor is enhanced with its drippings.

Enjoy your meal, and the ideas set forth. You will like the creativity that pork, just like chicken, can be turned in to, if you look at what is already in your cabinets! Even a little bit of Axelrod onion dip can be added to pork, just as it can be added to roast beef, to make the sauce thicker, and a little saltier, with just the right balance!

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