Buyers Guide to Cake Mixes

The problem many people find with baking a cake from scratch is the science of getting everything right for success. If you’re a person who’s baking fails more often than not, or you need to have a cake made quickly with minimal fuss, then purchasing a cake mix may be for you.

Or you may be an experienced baker and want to sample how a cake tastes and how it’s texture should be after baking, before your attempt to create it yourself. A store bought cake mix may also be a great choice to achieve this.

With the many varieties of cake mixes available, spanning several shelves at your supermarket, how do you decide which one will succeed and taste the best?
Here is a guide to determine the best cake mix from the various selections.


Determining what type of cake or sweet you want to make, it’s taste and occasion that call for it, you need to know what you want.

The selection of cake mixes can be overwhelming, and what you originally thought you wanted might get exchanged for something else. So I suggest you look at what you feel like eating, determine the occasion whether it be for afternoon tea with friends or some baking fun with the kids and decide before you shop.

You may like a butter cake, or a chocolate cake, or one that contains fruit.


Most cake mixes only need the use of water, milk or eggs to be added to the mix. Choose according to how simple the recipe is, looking at the preparation and baking time to make sure it is simple. Cake mixes are designed to cut down the preparation time considerably, making them great things to buy when you need to whip up a cake in a hurry.


Most cake mixes are great, but when you’re undecided it may be better to go with a manufacturer you know and trust. Cadbury is my favorite chocolate, so I often head to the cake mixes that are manufactured by this company. This is only because I love their chocolate and is a trusted supplier of my indulgence.

You can determine how popular a brand of cake mix is by seeing its availability on the shelf. If there are several rows of a particular type, it’s because it sells in high quantity. If it sells, it is often found popular by many people.


Always read the ingredients on the box of cake mix to ensure the manufacturer uses high quality flour, sugar, chocolate and colorings. You want to avoid those that contain preservatives and poor quality ingredients.

You also may need to view the ingredients if someone you’re baking for has nut allergies or wheat allergies.


I can’t stress this important decision in buying a cake mix enough. With all other types of food, make sure your cake mix is well before the used by date. Fresher ingredients such as flour used or chocolate need to be fresh to create the desired outcome.


Reading the box of a prepared mix, always pay attention to what items need to be purchased to prepare the cake. Most need eggs, water, sugar, butter oil or milk to be added to the mixture. Other recipes require only a whisk or spoon to beat the ingredients, where some call for electric beaters.

Always read the cake tin size recommendations as well, as the cooking time and heat is determined by how large your cake tin is.


Buy your cake mix depending on the occasion you are baking it for. Consider how many people will be attending and any dietary obligations such as gluten and nut content. You could also buy a simple cake mix and decorate it to suit the occasion.

By using the following tips and reading the instruction very carefully before you begin preparing and cooking, will most often create the desired outcome. Cake mixes are very handy, cutting the preparation time down considerably and most often creating the perfect cake.

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