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The best way to Share a Restaurant Bill with others

You go out for a nice dinner out with friends.  It is a good time until the check comes.  At this point there can sometimes be resentment.  If someone offers to pick up the whole tab, it tends to be the same people.  If somebody tries to cut corners, it is also usually the same […]

The best Tasting Coffee

There are many ways to improve the flavor of coffee, but the key question to ask first is if one drinks their coffee black, or with cream and or sugar.  So these are the essentials to start off with, and everyone has their preference.  Personally, I prefer mine with cream and Truvia, that new sugar […]

The Semillon Grape

The Semillon grape, the traditional Bordeaux grape for the white wines in this region, is rather old and its early appearance dates back to the XVII th century although there is no clear explanation about who and how it was brought over to the sole region of Bordeaux.  We know that red grapes were brought into France […]

Simple Southern Buffalo Sauce

Simple Southern Buffalo Sauce      Buffalo Sauce is best known as a dipping sauce for chicken wings. Here in the south however, it is used for many different things. It can be used as a dipping sauce for any type of meat, as a marinade and even as a sandwich topping. This recipe for Simple Southern Buffalo Sauce was […]

The best beverage is tea

There is nothing like a nice cup of tea. I never developed a taste for coffee. My mother gave me hot tea with sugar and milk when I was a child. Now, I prefer unsweetened ice tea, even in the winter. There are many teas to choose from. You can make tea from all sorts […]

The risks of coffee to one’s health

Coffee is a stimulant in wide use around the globe and especially in the United States. Before one can analyze the relative risks and benefits of coffee, one must be aware of its effects and components. The central ingredient of coffee – when used as a stimulant – is caffeine, a relatively mild psychoactive stimulant. […]

There is some Thing about Macaroni Cheese

I do not know why but this dish is a hit very time. No matter if you are young or old there is some thing about Macaroni cheese that is so satisfying that you always come back for more. There are many versions of this and all of them are more or less the same […]

Testing Eggs for Freshness

Egg Testing Eggs are a staple in most refrigerators and when we bring them home from the grocery store, we might not actually know the freshness. The stores have a buy by date, but this might not actually be helpful. After you examine the eggs in the store for breakage, you probably will want to […]

Testimonies regarding the social aspect of coffee drinking

My first “coffeehouse cult” experience took place in a town that was really much too small to have a coffeehouse in the first place. The little shanty of a business was once a two-story house, but it had been transformed into a three-room java shack. One room was studious, lined with books, magazines, and whatnot […]

Teavana drink reviews three Kingdoms Mao Feng Organic Green Tea

I am normally a very big fan of green teas. Although this one had all of the hype that I expect with a Teavana green tea, there is probably a reason that I have never seen it. Or during any tastings at Teavana store locations. It definitely didn’t quite live up to my expectations no […]