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Tennent’s Lager is one of the best selling lagers in Scotland, available in cans, bottles and on pump.  It is also available in other parts of UK and in USA.  This lager is produced by Wellpark Brewery, which is situated in Glasgow, Scotland.  The brewery was founded in 1740, back then it was known as […]

Teas Effect on Human Society

The story of tea began in China 2737 BC when, according to legend, the emperor Shen Nung was sitting under a Camellia sinensis tree and leaves from the tree fell into boiling water he was about to drink. Over the centuries, important social occasions have developed around drinking tea. In China and Japan tea ceremonies […]

The Importance of Beer in British Society

Imagine a bar one thousand feet long! Try to picture an army of six hundred beer pumps standing to attention, their polished wooden handles topped with a crown of polished brass. Erect, proud, awaiting your order! Each of them proudly wearing its badge of honour, the pump clip A bold and colourful emblem which draws […]

Tea is the celebrated choice

I lift my cup of tea to salute the wonderful world of tea drinking. Tea has been a part of world history for centuries. Though probably less popular than coffee, still a beverage that embraces rich traditions and culture. I was once an avid coffee drinker, but due to health concerns went cold turkey into […]

The Easiest Sangria Recipe

When I lived in Palma de Mallorca, Spain, the city decided to rip up the street I lived on and put in new water pipes. This took a year and a half because they only worked when they felt like it. The workers and I greeted each other on occasion, so one day I invited […]

Super Recipes for a Variety of Curries

Camellia Panjabi leaves no stone unturned for Western lovers of her country’s food in this little volume that is more than just a recipe book. Following an introduction there is a page, with a map alongside, on culinary India, and then a chapter on The Philosophy of Indian Cuisine. This is followed by Why an […]


Twinings English Breakfast Tea Packaging The Packaging has a distinctive colours in that it has gold and orange. I found this to be quite eye catching and unique compared to other tea branded products. This makes it unique and recognisable in buying a second time. I also found the product packaging to be quite difficult […]

Spaghetti Recipes Chicken Recipes Saute Vegetables Snow Cheese

I really like both chicken and spaghetti and the combination of the two is delicious.  I was having guest unexpectedly one evening and had to come up with a quick meal that was both appetizing and easy on my budget since I live on a fixed income and had not planned ahead for extras.  Just […]

Soft Drinks Ingredients and their Nutritional value

Classic soft drinks inundated to the public by familiar, media slogans, basically contain the same ingredients, minus one or more of the main ingredients. Let’s examine some of the ingredients of popular soft drinks on the market, to note their ingredients and nutritional value, if any. To begin with, the majority of soft drinks are comprised […]

What Makes Food in Goa India Unique

Goa is a tropical area of western India with a unique and distinct cuisine. It is comparable only slightly to Malvani and Konkani food of neighboring regions, but even then it is still easily distinguished. Goan food is characterized by its simplicity with surprising flavor intensity and also its use of seafood, as well as strong Portuguese […]