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The Difference between White and Brown Eggs

The difference between white and brown eggs… *Watch for black snakes in a hen house: When I was but a youngster, Mother often sent me to the hen house to collect the eggs, I knew one thing for sure anyone who enters a hen house had better watch out for black snakes because they love […]

The Negative Effect of Soft Drink Consumption on our Health

The Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI) calls soft drinks “liquid candy.” In a recent press release, the CSPI notes that while adults are turning to diet soda, teenagers are drinking more high-calorie ft drinks than ever. Teenage boys are drinking an average of three 12-ounce cans per day, and girls drink more […]

Teavana Golden Jade green tea blend drink review

Golden Jade is a blend of green and black teas. They are naturally low in caffeine and help to boost the immune system as well as the digestive system. My fiance and I typically drink a lot of green tea but normally not all that much black tea, so this was a little bit of […]

Teavana Superfruit Unity loose leaf green tea drink review

I really don’t know what a sea buckthorn berry is. However, somehow when mixed with cranberries it creates a relatively easy to consume tea that smells wonderful. It has quite a lot of health benefits as well. My fiance and I drink this both hot and cold but I prefer cold and she prefers that […]

Teavana Strawberry Paraiso White Tea review

This tea perplexes me completely. While I understand the strawberry aspect of the tea.  What I don’t understand is the popcorn that is in it. Yep, that’s right, POPCORN. I don’t think I have ever heard of this idea nor would I ever think of adding popcorn to a tea.  While the tea itself is […]

Teavana Fruta Bomba loose leaf green tea

Drinking tea is truly a passion for my fiancee and I. This is a blend of Green tea and Rooibos from South Africa. Personally Rooibos is my favorite type of tea so this seemed like a really good blend for me in general. The mixture is rounded off with the use of peaches and papaya.  […]

Tea Steeping Guidelines

Steeping is the process whereby the flavour or fragrance of the steeped ingredient is imbued or transferred into the steep, i.e. the liquid into which it is desired that the flavours/fragrances should be transferred. Tea, the most consumed liquid in the world, other than water, is made through a steeping process. In steeping tea, water […]

Stir Fry Rice is a Simple and Effective

Stir fry rice is a simple and effective way to get every thing all cooked in just one go. To do this properly you must not cook the rice . Soak the rice and then cook it in a Wok , this is the best way I think you will find. You will need 4 […]

Tasty Canned Salmon Recipes

For some reason, I like canned salmon much better than smoked, the more luxurios version. Fresh is nice, but is very rich, so when I want salmon, it is the canned variety I reach for. The best type is canned in brine, skinless and boneless. That costs a little more, but is worth it, as […]

Soft Drinks the Effect of Soda on our Teeth and Bones

Do you want to have weak bones, a mouthful of teeth that need to be filled and many other health problems?. Obviously the answer is no. However if you consume too many soda drinks that is just what could happen to you. The negative effects associated with the consumption of soft drinks has been well […]