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Taco Eggrolls

Taco Eggrolls This is a new take on two of my favorite foods, the taco, and the eggroll. This idea came from a neighbor originally, but similar ideas have since been shown on the Food Network What You Will Need: Note: Put whatever you want in yours, and however much you want, it’s your food. […]

Belgian Beer Reviews Oud Beersel Oude Geuze Vieille

I just love the face my wife makes when she sees me bring up a particular style of beer from the beer cellar. She sticks her tongue out, grimaces and utters the universal sound for revulsion and disgust … “Blaaah.” I really find it quite humorous and therefore try to do it as often as […]

History Beer Brewing

The brewing of beer more than likely dates back to the Neolithic period, when our ancestors first started harvesting and using cereal crops. Dateable evidence, however, comes a while later, but it is probable that, due to its relatively simple brewing process and that it can be made from readily available crops (such as barley, […]

Beer Motivation for Drinking Beer

When it comes to beer, “less is more” has become my motto. Perhaps things are too black and white in my little beer-infused universe, but as I see it there are generally two motivations for drinking beer or any alcoholic drink. These two motivations intermingle to a lesser or greater extent depending on the imbiber, […]

What are the Worlds most Expensive Brands of Beer

The world’s most expensive brands of beer is a very short and very elite list. The chances are you have probably never even heard the specifics of these unless you are a true connoisseur. More than likely you won’t find these in your local pub unless you happen to live very close to their brewery, […]

The Negatives of Decaf Coffee and non Alcoholic Beer

A big negative for non-alcoholic beer is that it doesn’t get you drunk. For decaffeinated coffee, I would have to say the lack of caffeine is a huge negative. I am not afraid to say it; the taste of beer is horrid, and the taste of coffee is almost unbearable. If it weren’t for sugar […]

How to become a Beer Connoisseur

Before considering how you should go about becoming a beer connoisseur, you should first ask yourself one simple question: Why do you want to become a beer connoisseur? If your desire to do so stems from the fact that you love beer, that you are truly passionate about it, then by all means feel free […]

Beers around the World

I remember the first time I ever had a sip of my dads beer at the age of about 12, he gave me a tiny sip of his fosters, my face must have been a real picture, I was far from impressed. As I entered my mid teens I inevitably got into drinking but still […]

The Varieties of Beer and how They’re Made

Beer is the world’s most consumed alcoholic beverage that is produced from a process known as brewing.  This brewing process was recorded in the written history of ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia,  thus indicating beer as one of the oldest prepared beverages. Generally, the alcohol concentration contained in a beer is around 4-6% alcohol by volume. […]

Top 5 Beer Pairings

Wine may go with a lot of things, but grilled foods do not appear on that list.  Grilling is a tough, smokey, summery thing to do.  Even the finest wines cannot complement this attitude.  Only an expertly crafted beer can match up with chicken, steaks, burgers, dogs, and anything else that one might throw over […]