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Cajun Omelet Crawfish Crabmeat Spicy Breakfast Food Eggs

I grew up in south Louisiana and have been eating Cajun food since I could say ‘spicy’.  I have been cooking with my mama and my maw-maw since I could reach the counter from my step ladder. I went to LSU, and yell and scream for my Tigers every season. I have spent many a […]

Buyers Guide to Cake Mixes

The problem many people find with baking a cake from scratch is the science of getting everything right for success. If you’re a person who’s baking fails more often than not, or you need to have a cake made quickly with minimal fuss, then purchasing a cake mix may be for you. Or you may […]

Best Wood for Smoking Meat

Smoking meat add natural wood smoke flavor to different cuts of meat, while leaving it juicy and tender. Meats cook slowly without being directly placed on the fire. The kinds of woods used in smoking varies regionally and according to whether or not you want bold, mild or sweet flavors. In general, you have a […]

Best Ways to Thaw Frozen Meat

Proper thawing is very important as it will keep harmful bacteria from contaminating your meat as well as other foods nearby. It will also preserve the quality and taste of the meat. There are three well known ways to thaw out frozen meat, in the refrigerator, in the microwave, or in a cold water bath. […]

Best Fall Squash Soups

Winter squashes come in a variety of flavors and textures.  Many can be substituted for each other in recipes, and they lend themselves well to soups and stews.  Squashes are packed with vitamins and minerals, which are great in the cool season when fresh fruits and vegetables are less plentiful.  Soup is one of many […]

Barbeque Sauce Pork

Gravy Master is the secret ingredient for many types of meat. It can be rubbed on a roast that you are putting in the oven, or used as a base in a crock pot. The same is true with turkey gravy. When mixed together, a delicious gravy can be made, with milk in flour, or […]

Brunch Menu

Brunch! What a great word!  Brunch: the meal that allows those who favour lie-ins over breakfast not to have to be hungry until lunch time. The two staples of brunch are coffee and eggs. Good coffee is equal to – or possibly more important than – the food on offer here. Remember, the Sunday Brunch-goers […]

British Cheese

Ah, what a wonderful world when there are so many different varieties of cheeses to choose from. Today’s topic is the different kinds of delicious British cheeses which come in a multitude of varieties. Cheeses that can be eaten almost instantly after being made are British fresh cheese. Examples of these are Ricotta which you […]

Breakfast Ideas for School Children

Everyone needs a good start in the morning, which means a nutritious breakfast. This is particularly important for children, who are likely to burn off a lot of energy on the way to school and during morning classes. However, time is usually restricted in the morning, especially when busy parents are getting ready for work […]

Best way to Cook Lobster Tail

Lobster tails, once reserved for either special occasions or restaurant dining has become a mainstream yet still indulgent, option that today is readily available at local supermarkets.  A perfect accompaniment to any dinner or get together, lobster meat is making an appearance in appetizers, soups, salads, main dishes and even cocktails. With a variety of […]