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Best Flavor Boosters for Dieters

When on a diet, it is sometimes difficult to satisfy a taste, when eating bland low calorie foods. The secret to eating these foods, and enjoying them is to boost the flavor.  According to Weight Watchers, the flavor boosters need not be laden with calories. The calorie count for enhancer is minimal, but necessary to […]

Boneless Chicken Chicken Eating Boneless Chicken Boneless Chicken and our Health

Well, we are a lazy generation aren’t we? I mean just think about it. Nearly everything we eat is boneless, we like boneless meat, boneless fish and even now boneless chicken. But is this just a convenience food? Are you removing vital nutrients from the chicken by deboning it? Is it good for your health […]

Best Curry in London

Brick Lane or not, that is the question. Ok, so like a Tarantino movie i’m going to cut this article up and show you the pay-off first, then we’ll flesh out the backstory, bringing us back to the pay-off, and then end with the overall victor. Brick Lane: Papadoms (honourable mention to ‘Sheba’ – the […]

Best Egg Casserole for Easter Brunch

As a child, and growing up, in our home, the holidays were always anticipated with excitement, and celebration, and an abundance of delicious foods. My parents would wake in the early hours of the morning to start preparation of the wonderful foods we would all enjoy. It would often take the entire day before everything […]

Beef Pot Roast Economical Meat Recipes Beef Tri Tip Roast

The most flavorful and succulent cuts of meat are often the most economical. Today’s cattle are bred to be leaner with less marbling of fat. The meat is trimmed heavily to appeal to the calorie conscious. Without the natural marbling of fat, lean beef quickly becomes tough and dry if at all overcooked. The solution […]

Batata Murghi Indian Recipe Coconut Food

One of the larger states,and an industrial powerhouse of India, Maharashtra, is located in the middle western portion of the country. It includes several hundred miles of beautiful Arabian Sea coast, dotted with coconut trees.  Coconut meat is a big feature of Maharashtrian cuisine. One of the regions most popular dishes, Batata Murghi, is an easy to prepare, one-dish meal, that includes […]

All you need to know about Allium Vegetables

The genus of Alliums contains the members of the onion family, as well as including a few plants that aren’t normally eaten. Their growing habits and appearance are similar in many ways, and people would recognize them despite the fact that few kinds are actually available in the store. Even large supermarket chains in the […]

All about Wisconsin Cheese Heads

Cheese Heads – What are they? The real question is, Who are they? Originally a name for any Wisconsin native due to their massive production of cheese there, Cheese Heads have become an icon for Wisconsin sports fans. The Cheese Head hat, made famous by Green Bay Packer fans, originated in 1987 at a Milwaukee […]

Basic Method for Preparing Fruit Jellies

Making your own fruit jellies is slowly becoming a lost art in the world of homemaking and cooking. However, with proper fruit selection, preparation and preservation homemade fruit jellies provide economical gifts, enjoyable desserts, delectable meals and much more. To make fruit jelly, juice is extracted then combined with appropriate amounts of sugar, pectin (to […]

A Guide to French Cheeses

France is known for its cheeses. There are hundreds of different types of cheese. There are three families of cheese: 1.  Pressed cheeses – also known as hard cheeses. They are produced in large bricks. The cheese merchant cuts slices of the cheese for the customer. They are either cooked (whey is heated during production), and uncooked. Cooked cheeses last longer. 2.  […]