Soft Drinks the Effect of Soda on our Teeth and Bones

Do you want to have weak bones, a mouthful of teeth that need to be filled and many other health problems?. Obviously the answer is no. However if you consume too many soda drinks that is just what could happen to you.

The negative effects associated with the consumption of soft drinks has been well documented over the years. These days we are all too well aware of the possible harm that such drinks can have on our bodies but yet we continue to consume these drinks daily. In fact we consume much more of these products, than ever before.

The negative effects on our teeth.

The acids and acidic, sugar byproducts in soft drinks are known to contribute to the formation of cavities in teeth. This happens as the soft drinks, in effect, soften the enamel of our teeth. Obviously the more soft drinks you drink, the worse this problem will become. Dental hygiene of course plays a part but, in cases where such hygiene is poor, tooth loss can occur. The only way to halt such tooth damage is to either stop drinking soft drinks or at least least limit the amount that you consume.

The negative effects on our bones.

Our skeleton is one of the most vital parts of our body. It supports us and needs to be strong. Many women, especially after the menopause, suffer from weakened bones. This can result in a condition called osteoporosis which is painful and can result in bones fracturing easily.

However it is not just this group of individuals who can suffer from osteoporosis. Our diet can effect the quality of our bones and soda drinks are notoriously damaging to these bones. Bones need plentiful amounts of Calcium to keep them strong. Phosphorous, in excessive amounts can upset our bodies Calcium levels and, unfortunately, soda contains phosphorous.

Additionally we also need to consider what we would normally have drank instead of a soda drink. It would probably have been tea or coffee with milk or even a milk shake. This can mean that drinking too many soda drinks is actually reducing the amount of calcium rich drinks which you consume.


Try to think about what you drink. Give this subject as much thought as, hopefully, you would give your diet. Soft drinks are fine if only drunk occasionally. However many people these days consume far too many soda drinks and do this far too often. It is not only your teeth and bones that will suffer if you drink too many soda drinks so, act now, in order to improve your general well being by reducing your intake of soda drinks.

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