Teavana drink reviews three Kingdoms Mao Feng Organic Green Tea

I am normally a very big fan of green teas. Although this one had all of the hype that I expect with a Teavana green tea, there is probably a reason that I have never seen it. Or during any tastings at Teavana store locations. It definitely didn’t quite live up to my expectations no matter how my fiance and I tried to drink it. 

How we drink it

This is definitely a different type of experience altogether. Since the flavor is really weak it is very difficult to drink as a cold tea. If you are going to drink it cold you are really going to have to work hard to enhance the flavor of it. This means probably adding 5-6 times as much tea in order to make it strong enough. My young son will only drink tea cold and probably should only drink it cold so if we want to make this and he is awake we have to make it cold for him so he can feel like he is drinking it along with us. 

When we drink this particular variety, we normally drink it hot around dinner. This seems to be the best time to enjoy it, if you can really actually enjoy it. Drinking it hot I normally add creamer to it in order to give it the flavor that it is lacking. My favorite is probably creme brulee flavored creamer for this variety but hazelnut is also a nice flavoring for it as well. My fiance on the other hand likes to add honey or sugar to it with half/half or milk. Regardless we both have to add quite a bit of flavoring to make it tasty enough for daily drinking. 

When we are sick we often drink this tea because of the weak flavor.  It gives us the healthy benefits of green tea without overpowering our weakened senses.


The smell isn’t anything amazing just a basic green tea. It smells grassy with water just like I expect my green tea to smell. I was hoping for something a big stronger but I really didn’t get that at any point during the process. 


Overall the flavor is that of green tea. It isn’t a great green tea it is simply average. I would say that you are probably better off buying a store bought Bigelow green tea if you are going to get something like this. At least Bigelow has a somewhat better flavor than this. There is definitely a lot missing from this tea. If you want to get the most out of it you really have to quadruple the amount of tea that you use. The recommended amount simply isn’t enough at least not for my fiance and I. 

Best consumed

I personally enjoy drinking green tea for dinner and really don’t enjoy it at any other time. This one is pretty basic so you could really drink it whenever it works best for you.  It is low in caffeine so you could even drink it before bed. 

Health benefits of green tea:

Believed to beneficial to the immune system
Includes polyphenols that are believed to help prevent certain types of cancers
Stomach and digestive relief
Shown to lower cholesterol
Contains less only 1/20 the caffeine of coffee

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