Teavana Fruta Bomba loose leaf green tea

Drinking tea is truly a passion for my fiancee and I. This is a blend of Green tea and Rooibos from South Africa. Personally Rooibos is my favorite type of tea so this seemed like a really good blend for me in general. The mixture is rounded off with the use of peaches and papaya. 

How we drink it

This is a really good tea to drink either hot or cold. I personally enjoy Rooibos a lot and so does everyone else in my family so that makes it a whole lot easier to use this tea because it is going to be one that everyone enjoys. Being that it is mixed mostly with green tea I didn’t know how I would like it iced because I typically enjoy the green teas hot. 

What we have found is that by icing it and adding peach to it, the tea is incredible. In fact, sometimes we even push it to the extreme by adding peach flavored Crystal Light to it and it gives it a much different flavor altogether that my son really enjoys. We normally just cut up peaches, add a bit of sugar, and call it good. This is great if you have high quality peaches cut up inside of it. Keep in mind if you drink it fast enough you can use the peaches a few times over a couple of days to get the most out of it. I normally put the peaches in first along with the ice and pour the hot steeped tea over the top of it. It seems to pull the flavor of the peaches out a little bit more this way and really brings out the aroma as well. 

If you like your teas hot this will work as a hot tea as well. I find that the creamer doesn’t really work all that well with it so I would suggest using sugar or honey with sugar being my personal favorite. The cream doesn’t really settle well inside of the tea and can become chunky unless you allow it to cool considerably before adding the cream and even then it will do it from time to time. 

Overall, I think the family enjoys it the most while iced. This is typically the case with fruity teas so it really isn’t any surprise. 


The overall smell of the tea is decent. I always think that Rooibos with a little bit of fruit smells like Fruity Pebbles cereal but this one wasn’t quite that strong. The papaya and peach were noticeable but nothing too crazy. 


I really like this tea. I personally like the flavor of the peach and papaya together. The papaya is very subtle but you can definitely pick out the peach although even it isn’t all that strong. The tea is pretty sweet but nothing overpowering. If you are a traditional green tea drinker you probably aren’t going to appreciate it but it is a pretty delicious tea overall. 

Best consumed

I like to drink this tea in the morning and around dinner time. I find that it mixes extremely well with pancakes in the morning especially blueberry and is great with virtually anything for dinner. We normally make up a pot of this particular variety for dinner and see how long it lasts. 

The big thing to remember is that this particular tea, just like others, can be messed up if you brew it too long. Whenever you brew a tea for too long it will become bitter so keep that in mind if you get that taste.

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