Teavana Golden Jade green tea blend drink review

Golden Jade is a blend of green and black teas. They are naturally low in caffeine and help to boost the immune system as well as the digestive system. My fiance and I typically drink a lot of green tea but normally not all that much black tea, so this was a little bit of an experience for us to say the least. We decided to try it after a recommendation from one of the sales associates at a Teavana store location here in Florida. 

How we drink it

This is a somewhat simple green tea so we almost always drink this along with dinner hot. We have tried it a couple of times cold but found that the flavor really didn’t come through all that well. Since this is a pretty mild tea overall it is very difficult to make it strong enough to consume cold. However, if you really want it iced then you would be best adding 5-6 times the normal amount of tea when steeping. If you attempt to steep longer in order to obtain more flavor you will simply change the overall taste of the tea and it isn’t going to be for the better. Your best bet is to suck it up and add more tea.  However, I’m not certain the additional cost would be worthwhile for this type.

If you like hot teas however, this a very solid one to drink in that manner. It is great with some creamer, half/half, or just sugar. We typically mix it up by adding a variety of different creamer flavors to it. This not only cools it so that we can drink it faster but also gives it lots of flavor without adding any additional sugar. There is a Parisian flavored creamer that we both really enjoy with this type of tea but you could really use virtually anything without any issues. 


The aroma really isn’t that strong. It is an obvious green tea with a bit of a sweet tinge to it. I find it to be pretty pleasant and is an excellent tea to make alongside dinner because of the aroma. 


This is a very solid green tea with an excellent full flavor. This is probably my favorite somewhat simple green tea and definitely has a huge taste advantage of those that you would purchase in a standard grocery store. I typically consume it with 2-3 times the tea as directed but I really love the full flavor and taste of the tea so I like to enhance that quite a bit more. 

Best consumed

I personally enjoy green tea with dinner but because it is somewhat mellow all around you can easily enjoy it at anytime. It is even calm that you could use it before going to bed. Just keep in mind that it does still have some caffeine in it although it is definitely reduced considerably in comparison to coffee or other teas.

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