Teavana Strawberry Paraiso White Tea review

This tea perplexes me completely. While I understand the strawberry aspect of the tea.  What I don’t understand is the popcorn that is in it. Yep, that’s right, POPCORN. I don’t think I have ever heard of this idea nor would I ever think of adding popcorn to a tea.  While the tea itself is actually pretty excellent I do believe that if the popcorn was removed it would eliminate the slightly awkward flavor that I equate to the popcorn.  Either way, this is a great tasting tea and one of my favorites. 

How we drink it

While there are numerous methods in which to enjoy this variety of tea my fiancee and I both agree that it is best enjoyed in ice. The flavor itself is strong enough that you can throw it over ice without losing too much but I typically make it a little bit stronger.  When we create our ice variations, we typically bring out the flavor of the fruit that we like most about the tea by adding fresh fruit to it. We normally cut up 4 strawberries for the iced variation and use sugar to sweeten it a bit more. This gives it just a little extra flavor that is enjoyable for our whole family.

If you like drinking hot teas this also works well hot. I don’t know how I like the Strawberry aspect of it while hot but it still works quite well. I would recommend using honey when you are making it hot but sugar tastes quite good as well. If you typically use a creamer I would stray away from it on this one. It doesn’t mix all that well with the tea unfortunately. 


Excellent smell. You can definitely smell the strawberries in this tea. It has a very smooth smell that isn’t too overpowering but definitely draws attention. Every time my fiance makes this one I think that she sprayed strawberry air freshener. This has a much longer lasting fragrance than many of the others. It takes quite a while to disperse so you may want to keep that in mind as to when you are looking to consume it. 


One of the best tasting teas that Teavana makes. I typically don’t like the more fruity teas but this one is great. It has a strawberry flavor that is more of a medium strength.  It isn’t too overpowering, but just right. There is a bit of strangeness to the overall brew which I equate to the popcorn that is in the blend but this one really isn’t that much of an issue. If you are looking to try it without the popcorn, the pieces are somewhat large and are easily remove. I would recommend taking the time to get rid of them if you don’t like the way that they taste or the idea of them. 

Best consumed

Like most white teas this is low in caffeine so it can be consumed at any time of the day. It has some great antioxidants so it might be a good dinner tea. It has some great flavor that will definitely pump up your taste buds. 

I personally do not drink this tea before bed because it does get your taste buds going and for me this is something that could potentially stop me from falling asleep. My fiance has the same issues with this one which is why we stopped serving it before bed. 

Health benefits of white tea:

Extremely high amount of antioxidants
May inhibit the growth of certain forms of cancer
May reduce fine lines and wrinkles.
Excellent for skin and complexion
Approximately 1% of the caffeine in a cup of coffee

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