Teavana Superfruit Unity loose leaf green tea drink review

I really don’t know what a sea buckthorn berry is. However, somehow when mixed with cranberries it creates a relatively easy to consume tea that smells wonderful. It has quite a lot of health benefits as well.

My fiance and I drink this both hot and cold but I prefer cold and she prefers that it is hot. It just doesn’t seem natural drinking cranberry anything hot but I drink a lot of cranberry juice so that would explain why I feel that way. 

How we drink it

I am truly obsessed with cranberries so I wanted a tea that I could drink that would give me similar satisfaction to drinking cranberry juice or eating dried cranberries. I also wanted my son to get the benefits of cranberries but sometimes he can be a bit picky on eating cranberries directly. 

The way that we typically drink this type of tea is iced. When icing the flavor it actually dulls out some of the tartness that is normally associated with it and makes it much more appealing as a tea that can be consumed throughout the day. If you are interested in maintaining the overall strength of the cranberry then you may want to double the concentration of it. By making it stronger however, it will be much more difficult to consume it throughout the day as it can be a bit overwhelming.

If you would prefer the tea hot, which is how we rarely drink it now that we started drinking it iced, then you could definitely do so in a variety of ways. We normally drink it with sugar or honey because the addition of creamer or half/half can be a little bit gross. Due to the overall nature of the tea, any type of dairy product seems to chunk up in the cup and makes it VERY unappealing although it doesn’t really alter the taste of the added products. 

Regardless of how you consume it, the flavor is great and a wonderful tea no matter how you want to consume it. 


Great cranberry aroma with a slight hint of something else that I can only assume is the sea buckthorn berry. While the smell is pleasant and mild it is still strange to wake up to it. In fact my fiance and I have both agreed to not make this first thing in the morning.  Something about it is just too unusual to smell first thing in the morning. 


There is a good flavor that we were both surprised by. I thought that it was going to be too tart because of the cranberries but it appears the sea buckthorns are sweet enough that they, for the most part, mellow out the cranberries. This isn’t something you could drink all day however, because there is enough tartness that you will notice it in the back of your throat over time. 

Best consumed

We drink this tea with dinner. It just seems disturbing for some reason in the morning and it makes us far too alert to take immediately before bed. It is a good blend of tea that really tastes a bit fancy, so it is good to drink with a nice meal.

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