Testing Eggs for Freshness

Egg Testing

Eggs are a staple in most refrigerators and when we bring them home from the grocery store, we might not actually know the freshness. The stores have a buy by date, but this might not actually be helpful. After you examine the eggs in the store for breakage, you probably will want to test them for freshness at the grocer and at home. In addition, there are means to determine whether the eggs are raw or cooked.

From the Ranch to the Home

In the state of Washington, the egg producers advertise that you should purchase Washington State produced eggs. The choice options available in stores are limited but limiting choice of brand by distance from farm minimizes time in storage or on transportation.

The best means in the grocery store to determine freshness to pick up each eggs. If the eggs feel light, the egg is probably not fresh. The egg should feel heavy. Once you get home, you can do a simple test to determine whether your eggs are fresh.


After bringing your eggs home from the grocery store, you can determine whether they are fresh enough to keep. You will want the facts if you want to return the eggs to the store if they pass the swimming test. Eggs take in air as they age, so they will float easier as they age. Fill a bowl with water and drop eggs into the bowl. Fresh eggs will sink to the bottom of the bowl and are safe to place in your refrigerator. If they are lying on their side, they are a week old. If they stand on end, they are two weeks old. As they age the air creeping in will give them buoyancy and the eggs will begin to float. You might want to make a notation on the container about the possible age. If they all float, you might want to return them to the store or discard.

As the eggs sit in the refrigerator, you might forget when you purchased the eggs a cracked egg on a plate can offer a clue on whether they are fresh. A fresh egg will make a perfect circle and the yoke and egg white will remain close to each other.

If you share a refrigerator, you might need to know whether the eggs are raw or hard-boiled. You can spin the eggs on the counter. A hard-boiled egg has a solid interior so the egg will spin. Raw eggs will wobble as the contents of the eggs moves around inside.

Eggs are a staple in the American diet as an entre and as an ingredient. Consumers can gain knowledge to use them responsibly.




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