The best beverage is tea

There is nothing like a nice cup of tea. I never developed a taste for coffee. My mother gave me hot tea with sugar and milk when I was a child. Now, I prefer unsweetened ice tea, even in the winter.

There are many teas to choose from. You can make tea from all sorts of plants. My husband makes red tea, that is loaded with vitamin C, from the rose hips of our California native roses. He chops up the rose hips and boils them in water. Then, we pour the red tea over ice. The rose hip tea has a mild refreshing taste.

Sun tea is my favorite. I fill a gallon glass jar with water and tea bags. Then, I place the jar in the sun. In a few hours, I have delicious tea to pour over ice cubes. On days when the sun does not shine, I brew my tea in the refrigerator. The tea takes longer to brew, but it still tastes great.

Tea is good for your body. The flavonoid antioxidants found in tea protect your body from free radicals that damage cells. Antioxidants in tea appear to lower cholesterol, improve cardiovascular health, and help guard against some cancers.

The flavonoids in tea may reduce the risk of having a stroke by making blood cells less likely to form clots. A study done by the University of British Colombia concluded that the low incidence of cancer in Japan, even among smokers, is related to the large amount of tea consumed by the Japanese.

Drinking tea gives you fresh breath and a healthy smile. Tea does not leave an after taste in your mouth like coffee. According to researchers at Tokyo Dental College, tea can kill bacteria that cause gum disease and tooth decay. Tea stains on your teeth can be easily removed by your dentist during your routine teeth cleanings.

In 1995, the New York Academy of Medicine concluded that tea does not cause nervousness, insomnia, or stomach irritation, the way coffee can, when consumed in large quantities. The researchers found that tea relieves fatigue, clears the mind, and does not cause the body to experience a burned out feeling later on.

My family drinks sun tea almost every day. We do not have insomnia or feel nervous. When we go a day without tea, we do not experience fatigue or headaches. Some of my coffee drinking friends report that they feel tired and have headaches if they miss their daily coffee.

Tea is a better choice than coffee, because tea is easy to make, tastes great, and is good for you.

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