The Difference between White and Brown Eggs

The difference between white and brown eggs…

*Watch for black snakes in a hen house:

When I was but a youngster, Mother often sent me to the hen house to collect the eggs, I knew one thing for sure anyone who enters a hen house had better watch out for black snakes because they love to suck eggs. Many times, I’ve been frightened to death by a large black snake looking back at me as I collected the eggs. Black snakes will not hurt you but we didn’t want them in the hen house either because it robbed us of our white and brown jewels.

*There’s “no” difference in the eggs:

I was taught as a youngster, there was absolutely “no” difference between a brown egg and a white egg except the brown eggs often had two yolks in them. When we got an egg with a double yolk Mother would tell us it meant something good was going to happen for us. White and brown eggs are nutritionally identical, and, the inside and the outside look and are physically the same as well. They both come from a hen, and because one is white and another is brown, does not indicate there is any difference in their nutritional content value, or in fact, anything else about the egg is different other than its color. Different breeds of chickens may have laid the egg is the only thing.

*Color is determined by the materials they deposit as they’re developed:

The color of a hens eggs is determined by the materials which are deposited when the egg develops inside the hen’s oviduct. A hen who deposits white pigments and another hen deposits brown pigments, and believe it or not, chicken breeds such as the Aracauna and Americauna lay blue to green eggs. The Red Junglefowl, the original predecessor of chickens, laid cream-colored eggs. Did you know, various egg colors have developed over the centuries of breeding?

An egg that has darker yolks, is an indication it has a good concentration of vitamins and minerals. I never knew this, did you…the yolk of the egg feeds a chicken as it develops in the egg? Have you ever wondered what the string-like clear mucus is in an egg…it called the chalazae? Many uses of eggs with dark, firm yolks and distinct chalazae are known to be fresh and nutritious, regardless of the color of the shell.

*Does the color of a chickens comb make a difference?:

It is said that white ear lobed chickens lay white eggs the majority of the time and the chickens with red ear lobes lay brown eggs. This actually depends upon the genetic factor of the chicken. Years ago, consumers pushed white eggs because they were clean looking, and consumers would not have any concerns about them having food borne diseases.

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