The Effects of Microwave Cooking on your Food

While the use of the microwave does seem to be convenient in quickly heating up food, it usually isn’t the best way to go. Your food tends to get “nuked” when you put it in the microwave. That includes the following: burgers, pizza, sausages, hotdogs, pastas, vegetables, and so forth. There are many effects associated with the use of microwaves that one really shouldn’t use them.

For these reasons, I typical refrain from using the microwave unless I’m looking to heat up a quick meal. Interestingly enough, the use of microwave ovens are banned in Russia due to the effects of microwaving food.

After reading these effects, nuked food should be the least of your worries.

I said that microwaving cereals and milk can cause the agents that cause cancer from within. In a sense, microwaving milk and cereals can cause them to be carcinogenic. Microwaving breast milk is said to destroy the disease fighting capabilities. The milk can sustain damages that go beyond the heating. This is one effect that microwaving has an effect on milk.

It can cause digestive disorders by altering elemental-food substances. Microwaving can also affect the food chemistry as well. Microwaving food tends to cause problems for the human body. This seems to be logical because food absorbs all of that radiation when going through a microwave. In turn, you’re taking in those radiation particles in your body.

In short, the effects tend to be cancerous. Asides from potentially causing you cancer, use of microwaves very much destroys the nutritional value of foods.

The vitamins such as B, C, and E are deemed worthless when foods are put through the microwave. Meat proteins become worthless as a result of microwaving.

There are biological effects such as cellular energy diseases, life-energy field breakdowns, destabilized metabolic rate, cellular damage, and nervous system degeneration.

In short, microwaving food messes up the food, destroys the nutritional value, and has an effect on the human body. These are the many effects associated with microwaving food. If you want to heat something up that is not a TV dinner, you should try using the stove or the oven. The food is much better that way.

Don’t depend on the microwave too much.

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